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Manual Cement Vicat Apparatus

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The vicat frame consists essentially of a metal stand with a sliding rod. An adjustable indicator moves over a graduated scale. The needle or plunger is attached to the bottom end of the rod to make up the test weight of 300 g. The frame is supplied with basic accessories.

Consist of:

Parts DescriptionQty
Conical Plastic Mould - Ø60/70x40 (H) mm1PCS
Initial Needle Ø 1.0 mm ± 0.052PCS
Final Needle Ø 1.0 mm ± 0.051PCS
Consistency Plunger Ø10mm1PCS
Glass Plate 4 x 10 x 10mm2PCS
Vicat mould1PCS
Stainless steel straight ruler1PCS

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