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Cement Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus

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Standard: IS: 4031, 5516, 1727 and 4828, ASTM C-204, BS:4359 Part II.

The apparatus is used for determining the Fineness Of Cement in terms of specific surface expressed as total surface area in square centimeters per gram of cement. The Blaine apparatus draws a defined volume of air through a prepared bed of cement of defined porosity. This is a variable flow type air

Standard: EN 196-6, ASTM C204, BS 4359

Consist of:

Parts DescriptionQty
Manometer U-Tube made of Glass1PC
Cell with Perforated Disc and Plunger1set
Rubber Aspirator with Rubber Tube1set
Manometer Liquid 250 ml Bottle1PC
Filter Papers 100 pcs/bag1bag
Panel Board with Stand1PC
Standard Reference Cementto Calibrate the Blaine1bottle
Glass Thermometer 0°C to 50°C1PC

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