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Asphalt Mixer 20L

Category :Bitumen & Asphalt Testing
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Standard : ASTM D1559, EN 1269/35, BS 598-107

 The mixer has been designed for bituminous homogenous mixing, consists essentially in a horizontal tilting stainless steel mixing drum. Tilting drum is 130° angles. The mixing chamber is heated by dielectric chamber with diathermic thermostatic control.This large capacity heavy duty mixer designed to mix bituminous sample for tensile splitting test, compaction test, marshall and other test where uniformity is required. The mixer mixed homogeneous, uniform efficient fast mixture action. They are of easy and practical utilization suite for laboratory purpose.

Technical Specifications:

Model NO.


Volume of mixing


Temperature of the bath

room ~250 ℃/±0.5 ℃

Mixing time

1~999 Seconds (Adjustable)

Speed of mixing blade

Revolution 48r/min ,Rotation 76r /min





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