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Digital Concrete Test Hammer

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Standard: ASTM C805, BS 1881-202, DIN 1048, UNI 9198, EN12504-2 


1. Automatically display and record the rebound value,and calculate the converted intensity value of each measurement area and the estimated strength of the component according to the relevant inspection specifications.

2. 2.0-inch color LCD screen (220×176 pixels), clearly visible inspection data in any situation.

3. Color digital module and mechanical rebound meter can be disassembled at will.

4. Standard battery module, free to dismantle, replace anytime,anywhere, fully realize double power and double charge, unlimited field test.5. Silicone button design, flexible use; ergonomic design, comfortable and warm heart; streamlined elegant design, smiling

look and feel.

6. Support Simplified Chinese and English multi-language Display.

7. Multiple data transmission modes, simple, accurate and 5 convenient operation.

8. The carbonization value in the measurement area can be entered 3 times and the average value is automatically calculated.

9. Selective transmission, printing, export, and deletion of test components, easy peration;

10. Built-in steel anvil calibration function to record calibration information.

11. Support personal customization (contact supplier before purchasing) instrument standard specification and program update function.

12. Optional Bluetooth printer for on-site data printing, efficient and intelligent, easy to record raw data on site (limited to different models).

13. Equipped with business diagonal cross leather bag, easy to carry, easy to operate, easy to use, and wear-resistant

14. Noisy scene, you can use universal headphones (earphones are provided), plug in the earphone dedicated port to avoid external interference

15. Any on-site operator of this product can freely disassemble and replace the rebound meter without training (see operation video for details)

 Technical Specifications:

Model NO.


Standard impact energy

0.225 mkg (2.207 Joule)

Rigidity of tension spring


error range for digital displayer

≤±1 the difference between displayer and scale

Average rebound hammer on steel anvil Rm


Storage Capacity

2000 pcs, 640 thousand data

Turn off

Automatic turn off without operation





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