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Steel Wheel Abrasion Testing Machine

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Unglazed Tile Steel Wheel Abrasion Testing Machine

Steel wheel wear-resistant testing machine for inorganic ground materials and unglazed bricks and other products wear-resistant performance test, with a random A, B two kinds of steel wheel, through the replacement of steel wheel and counterweight thallium can easily achieve a multi-purpose machine, can be different sizes of wall bricks, floor tiles, road bricks wear-resistant test.

Technical Parameters:

Model Number


Speed of steel wheel


Steel wheel  A type

Diameter 200mm,thickness 10mm,hardness>HRC52

   Steel wheel  B type

Diameter 200mm,thickness 70mm,hardness HB210240

Weight of balancing block

A type:22500g,       B type: 14000g

Hopper volume


Wear time

0-999 (S, M, H) adjustable

Abrasive throttle speed

  A Type: 150g/ 150R;       B Type : 1L/min





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