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Crack Integrated Dector

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Concrete Testing Equipment LED Screen Crack Integrated Tester is mainly designed to accurately detect crack width and depth in bridges, tunnels,concrete pavements and so on.

 It is a multi-purpose instrument which can both measure the crack width and depth. Operator can not only view and record the crack width by color amplification probe, but also can measure the crack depth by ultrasonic probe.

Technical Specifications:

Model No


Crack Width Test Rang

Standard Probe:  0.01mm~6.5mm

Crack Width Test Accuracy

Standard Probe:≤±0.02mm;High Grade Probe: ≤±0.01mm

Crack Depth Test Rang


Crack Depth Test Accuracy



Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Working Time

≥28 Hours

Working Temperature


Working Humidity




Packing Size


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