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Hand Auger Apparatus

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Standard:ASTM D420/D1452, AASHTO T86/T202

Hand auger set are suitable for hand-boring in cohesive soils or sands and gravels, above the water table to a depth of 5 or 6 metres.

Soil Auger Heads are constructed of heavy duty steel plates forming an open tube partly interlocking at the cutting end. Two diameters are available 100 mm or 150 mm. The Gravel Auger Head comprises a one piece steel casting with a spiral point and two clap plates designed to close when lifting samples from the borehole. Its diameter is 150 mm.

Technical Specifications:

Model NO.



Hand auger head 100 mm dia.


Hand auger head 150 mm dia.




1 m Extension rod


1.2 m Extension rod

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