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Pavement materials strength tester

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This machine is used for CBR Test, Unconfined Strength Test, Elastic Modulous Test for Pavement Material. This testing machine can also test all kinds of adhesive materials and stabilized soil specimen’s unconfined compression strength and indirect tensile strength, test CBR for soil and pavement materials, test asphalt mixture’s hot stability and anti-plastic flow-stability and flow value. Adjustable flat top plate can automatically ascend and descend to leveling. The exposed part of turn screw have protective cover, it can avoid the screw exceed the position and take off in operation, and avoid the screw be jammed by other materials as well.  can be equipped with different clamping device to doing CBR test, Elastic Modulous test and etc. The clamping deivice need to be ordered separately.

Technical Specifications:

Model NO.


Max.rated loading


Max.displacement distance for screw plate


climbing speed

high 50mm/min,   low 1mm/min

Manual Speed

0.2mm/each cycle of crank







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