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M50215B Munsell Soil Color Chart

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Waterproof Washable Type Munsell Soil Colour Table

Soil Color Charts Offer an Affordable Way to Evaluate and Classify the Color of Soil.

The book is organized to make it faster and easier for you to identify and communicate the color of soil in the field. Soil color indicates the makeup of the soil within a given geographic area, which can influence the land’s fitness for use, such as wetlands, optimum crops to plant, viability for waste water systems and other uses. For archeological applications, the Munsell Soil Color Book helps archeologists classify artifacts based on the color of soil found nearby.

Munsell Soil Books Have Been Used for More Than 55 Years to Classify the Color of Soil

Soil color charts support the management and stewardship of natural resources. Practitioners from a variety of disciplines use Munsell soil color charts to reliably and consistently share information about the color of soils with colleagues throughout the world. A wide variety of industries and disciplines use Munsell Soil Color Books including academia, forestry, forensics, environmental and soil science, building and contracting, landscaping, real estate, health departments, geology and archaeology.

Technical Specifications:


Munsell 10R Soil Chart


Munsell 10YR Soil Chart


Munsell 2.5Y Soil Chart


Munsell 2.5YR Soil Char


Munsell 5Y Soil Chart


Munsell 5YR Soil Chart


Munsell 7.5YR Soil Chart


10Y – 5GY Colors – Olive greens Soil Chart


Gley 1 & 2 Soil Charts (2 – Separate Soil Charts)


Munsell 5R Individual Soil Chart


Munsell 7.5R Individual Soil Chart


“New” White Page, 7.5R, 10YR, & 2.5Y

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