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EVD-Hand-Held Falling Weight Deflectometer

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EVD type dynamic deformation modulus tester (hand-held drop weight bending instrument) is used to measure the bending value (EVD) of the subgrade under dynamic load, so as to evaluate the bearing capacity and deformation of the subgrade.It is suitable for the foundation construction quality monitoring and testing of railway, highway, airport, urban traffic, port, wharf and industrial and civil buildings under the action of dynamic load. It is especially suitable for the detection of the narrow section of the site, such as the detection of the bridge (culvert) transition section and the shoulder of the road, the existing road bed and so on.It can quickly measure the dynamic deformation modulus EVD value.


1.The first mobile APP data processing mode in China realizes wireless data collection, wireless transmission and equipped with voice prompt function,It can be in any language.

2.The cloud transmission port can be connected to the engineering test management system, providing reliable data sources for real-time collection of test data, online data analysis and big data management.

3.Using imported sensors and some components, high test accuracy, test data more reliable.

4.Wireless bluetooth micro printer, field direct printing, to ensure that the test results are accurate and objective.

5.Simple operation, fast test speed, detection point only 35 seconds.

6.Automatic calculation of Evd value, and display curve, accurate and intuitive.

7.No nuclear radiation and waste gas pollution, safe operation and use, environmental protection.

8.LCD display in Chinese and English, in different interface has the corresponding Chinese and English prompt;And with backlight, in a variety of environments have a good visibility.

Technical Specifications:



Scope of applicable soil species

used for all kinds of soil and soil and stone mixed

fillers no more than 1/4 of the diameter of load plate

testing range


Test impact depth


Loading device

Weight:15Kg, Drop weight:10KgMaximum,

impact force:7.07KN,Impact duration:18±1ms

Loading plate


Subsidence test range


Storage capacity

2000 groups of test data




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